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Hello there,

I am trying to root my Sony Xperia Z ( 6603 ) which is currently on Android 4.4.2 [ Built 10.5.A.0.230 ]

This is my first time rooting my device but what from I have heard, I can do it in 2 different ways.

1 Way
  • Downgrade to 4.2.2 [ Built 10.3.A.0.423 ] FTF File Link
  • Use easy rooting method

2 Way
  • Unlock Bootloader ( Loose DRM Keys and Warranty, etc )
  • Root the Device

I just want confirm that I might go for the 1st way.

So I simply ( back up if I want)
Copy the .ftf file I downloaded into Firmwares ( Flashtool )
*Download latest drivers?
Flash .ftf file on my device
Follow the Prompts (do the Volume key down and plug etc,)
Wait to complete
Voila! I am back to 4.2.2

Now I just follow the Easy Rooting by Doomlord

Can anybody confirm that this is the correct way? It's I'm kinda newbie to rooting
This will work, the needed drivers are in the /Flashtool/Drivers folder. Best is to use windows 7, on 8.1 there have been some problems (don't know correctly about them as I don't use it)
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