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Right, I know a lot of you are waiting for me to post this after seeing my videos, social media posts and preview gifs!

Many of you will likely have seen the awesome new Android Wear boot animation as leaked in the LG G Watch system dump. Well now I have successfully made versions for other devices as well!

Initially I made one for the MotoACTV smartwatch ( because it also has a small display and the frames in the system dump are obviously very low resolution for the small screen of the LG G Watch and so are not suitable for phones and tablets. The MotoACTV has an even smaller display and downsizing is not an issue for quality.

However, I have managed to get around this problem. I traced and vectorised each frame to produce a set of scalable SVGs from which I was able to create the high-res png frames needed to make boot animations to suit different devices. There is no limit to the resolution now obviously because I have vector copies of each frame so support for any device is possible. I have also thoroughly optimised the final frames to bring down their file size as much as possible (losslessly) which ensures they run really smoothly (this makes a big difference on high res devices!).

For the MotoACTV I had to change the loop format too because Android pre 4.1 doesn't support the new "c loops" which are required to get the same behaviour as on the LG G Watch (MotoACTV is Gingerbread). On these new ones I had to use a different desc.txt structure to Android Wear for compatibility purposes but have used the c loops and so this actually loops exactly as it would on Android Wear.

It is possible to make animations for devices with earlier than 4.1 too but I will have to change the way it loops slightly. There are also a few devices (like the MotoACTV) which prefer jpgs rather than pngs. I can quickly produce jpg versions if required too. I am willing to take requests for devices people would like an animation for and will try and do them in order of demand but I make no promises on how long the turn around will be.

Below if a video of it running on my Nexus 4 (note: animations are quite a bit smoother than this now and the small amounts of weird jitter were caused by YouTube's video editor) you can also see a preview in post #4:

Update (9/6/14): New v2 versions are up! These are even smaller in file size (read: better performance) and contain some fixes plus two new resolutions!. See post #45 for more details on the update. We now have Android 4.1+ bootanimations which support most common device resolutions: 800x480, 960x640 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1440 and 2560x1600.

Note: as @vedantgp thankfully reminded me you cannot use these standard type Android boot animations on Touchwiz ROMs because Samsung uses their own proprietary format. There are mods to remedy this though, although I have not tested them. See here:


Firstly this will almost always need root. Secondly, these are not flashable zips and you cannot flash these in recovery! This is what you do:

Picking The Correct Animation For Your Device
If you know your device resolution and you see it there then great - grab it move onto adding it to your device. If you don't know the resolution a quick Google of should let you know. You should bare in mind that the actual frames are square so the boot animations are supported based on their smallest dimension (lowest pixel count). This means that whether you have a landscape device (10" tablet) or portrait (most 7" and below) it does not make a difference, the one for your resolution will be fine.

If you find there is no zip matching your device resolution then fear not - you are not out of luck! If you have a different resolution than any listed you can pick the one with largest width (the smallest dimension) that is less than yours (or the same if it exists) and it will work just fine. The only difference is that it will not fill the complete width of your screen. For example: if you somehow had a 1340x950 device then you'd use 1280x800 one as 800px is the closest available smaller resolution of the shortest dimension (width) to your device. You would then just have a 150px gap (75 each side) between the furthest reach of the animation and the edge of your display which would not look too bad as the background is black and most of the screen width is still used. Hope that makes sense. You cannot use one with a resolution greater than your device or it will be cut off.

Manual Method
Download the attachment with the boot animation suited to your device. Rename the zip to and push to either /data/local or /system/media making sure the file permissions are set to 644. This process can be done with a file manager or using ADB. If opting for a file manager I do not suggest you use ES File Explorer has it lacks the required permissions options. CM File manager, Root Explorer or Solid Explorer (my favourite) all will work well. If pushing to /data/local the animation will not be wiped when updating your ROM but will be lost with a data wipe / factory reset. For system/media the apposite is true. /system/media is the default location for the boot animation so if using that I suggest you backup your existing one first. My recommendation though is that you use /data/local.

Below is an example of what the permissions should look like for those having difficulty. This is an example from Solid Explorer but others should be similar!

New: for those who find written instructions hard to follow Alexander Ruiz has made a great video of these manual instructions on YouTube:

Simple Method
As helpfully pointed out by @bradhoschar you can actually preview and install boot animations with ROM Toolbox! You can grab the free version here and the pro version here. This might be easier for some users!

Future Plans
I intend to create a flashable zip with Aroma installer at some point in the future so you can flash easily to many different devices with options for different Android versions, device resolution and preferred installation. I will need to make it for a few different device specifications first before this becomes worthwhile.

As per usual, while this almost certainly not going to cause any damage to your device, if it makes it your phone explode, causes hair loss, summons the dead or tears the universe apart, I am not responsible!


(and please consider checking out my new Android blog: - thanks!)
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