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It's almost impossible to use a stylus with P3110. Is there any kernel, ROM, twek, driver or anything or anyone who tried to fix this annoying thing?
I think you're in the wrong place, buddy. Your thread belongs to Q&A section, not to the Development section.
But, answering your question, I use a stylus without problems; it's a capacitive one. Maybe the problem is your stylus, just saying.

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Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Wi-Fi)
CyanogenMod version: 11-20140906-NIGHTLY-p3110
Android version: 4.4.4
Kernel version: 3.0.31-CM-g9b3f943
Build number: cm_p3110-userdebug 4.4.4 KTU84Q d4dba7c401 test-keys
Recovery: CWM