Smile [Q] [NOOB] Just a few questions for you guys out there.

First, I am new here, well I've been reading and reading and for a few months and decided to create an account a few months back but can't post.
2nd, I don't know if this post is where it should be.

I am using Resurrection Remix Rom 5.1.5 for my GT-I9300(Intl. Galaxy S3) and I have been wondering, how do I know if it's CM based or Omnirom based? [I'm trying to get Boeffla to my S3]

Is Boeffla Kernel compatible with this said rom?

If it is, which one should I get? The CM version of Boeffla Kernel, the Omni one, or the one for Stock S3?

Thanks in advanced, and please guide me well.