Default [ShareApp]LG G3 Keyboard and system dump.

Hello everybody. I dont know or alot of people noticed it already but there is quite some time already the lg g3 system dumped and even with partition layout so i am gonna share it also with you guys see the pic below for the preview of the keyboard and the settings. But i am having the language in dutch.
The lg ge keyboard is an pretty advanced keyboard with alot of options and one of it is to resize your keyboard height.
See below for the download link and the link to the forum related to the dump. Sorryfor the. Bad thread. But i am uploading it from my phone. Sorry if someone posted it here before but then i didnt saw it.

Link to systemdump from g3

Link to lg g3 keyboard flashablezip

Link to lg g3 keyboard apk with installer and also flashable zip original port i think.

Link to guide with the apk installer even if its easy and with sounds and wallpapers.

The lg keyboard settings wil look different by you guys but i am using theme chooser.

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Edit: keyboard is a bit low if you ask me so i will make it bigger or try to change the max height for adjust.
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