Default [Q] Warrenty and Unlocked Bootloader

My M8 is having some touch screen problems, and I want to send it in on the warranty to receive a new unit. Will they replace it even though the bootloader has been unlocked? Even if I re-lock it and use s-off to make the device seem locked, wont they still have record from the htcdev site that I unlocked the bootloader? If they do, will they not replace the phone because of the unlocked bootloader, even if the issue has nothing to do with the bootloader being unlocked?
Current Device:
HTC One (M8) Bootloader Unlocked, S-Off
Current ROM - SinLessROM GPE
Recovery - TWRP 2.7
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Motorola Razr V3xx > Samsung Impression > HTC Vivid > HTC One X+ > HTC One (M7) > HTC One (M8) (current)