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Dev instructions on how to add this mod to your touchwiz kitkat 4.4.2 based rom is located below:

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NOTE: To get this to work with your rom... Read THIS POST..... To customize the animation read POST #3 and POST #4.
Step 1 - Download the I have attached below.

Step 2 - Open the zip and extract the two files somewhere on your desktop.

Step 3 - Decompile your systemui.apk from your rom using apktool or what ever tool you use to decompile apps.

Step 4 - Navigate to the res/drawable folder in your decompiled app and the "pulldown.xml" from my zip to this folder.....

Step 5 - Navigate to the res/drawable-xhdpi folder, (or whatever folder your rom uses), and do the same for the "pulldown_animxxxx.png" images into your open folder..... You can now delete my files.

Step 6 - Navigate to "res/layout" folder and open "status_bar_expanded.xml" open it with an xml editor such as notepad++ or virtuos ten studio.

Step 7 - In line 2 of that file you should see this..

< panelview android:id="@id/notification_panel" android:background="@drawable/twcustom"................
change the background to look like this android:background="@drawable/pulldown" so the image background gets directed to the pulldown.xml file you just put in your res/drawable folder.

Step 8 - Save and close this file now to prevent any conflicts while recompiling the app.

Step 9 - Once you have the images in the proper folder, edited the status_bar_expanded.xml file, and put the pulldown.xml file in your res/drawable folder... Recompile your apk and name it something different, like new.apk...

Step 10 - Open both the original systemui.apk and the new new.apk you just built, with 7-zip (that is what i recommend)

Step 11 - Drag the resourses.arsc and classes.dex file from the new.apk into the original systemui.apk.... Do the same for the res folder in the new.apk

Step 12 - Add to your rom and enjoy!!!
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