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Is there a way to upgrade my safestrap to 3.7? I am on ME7. I am trying to install Hyperdrive and with no luck has this happened. I tried version 16.1 and realized that was for kit kat. then 10.1 and it still did not work.

Is there any possible way for ME7 to get upgraded to kit kat and keep root? i keep seeing pages where 4.3 can get upgraded but nowhere with 4.2.2
Safestrap 3.71 is fully functional on the SCH-i545 on Jelly Bean (Android 4.3).

There is no Safestrap release for Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) unless you use the 3.72 release from the AT&T phone. That's known to not work properly on the Verizon phones, but several people have managed to use it to support a 4.4 upgrade while retaining root. Those are complex upgrade processes that require people to carefully follow the upgrade process. There's apparently a large number of people who can't manage that process successfully.

Read the several MK2-to-NC5 upgrade threads. Decide if you can be disciplined enough to follow those processes precisely. If not, wait for a native NC5 root technique.
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