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Hey guys!
I still havent installed android 4.4.3 in my nexus. Reading in different websites I've seen there are many bugs so I was wondering whether it is worth it to upgrade or whether I should stick with android 4.4.2 for now.
Many of those bugs and issues are isolated cases. Personally I'd rather upgrade to an OS that has more fixes, is less Bugless should be more stable.
I'm on the DIrty Unicors 4.4.3 build with Franco R53 kernel and my N5 is performing fantastic. Smooth, stabile, seems even faster, and more fluid transitions. I also flashed the new modem/radio (wasn't in the DU 4.4.3 build) and not that I even had an issue with the last radio, but this one seems to be working great for me on MetroPCS. I'm getting more bars and LTE reception in areas that usually struggle with singnal and my WiFi to data transition seems quicker to.
No to mention that there are all the modems/radios I. A flashable zip through a custom recovey and then you can test to see which one works be for you.

On the other hand... If you find that you don't like it (which I doubt) try a custom 4.4.3 ROM.
I f you have one you could always just reflash a nandroid backup to a previous version 4.4.2

You could also always flash back the stock images to 4.4.2 using the same method that you upgraded to 4.4.3 and there's other method you can do this way without losing user data.
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