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Patches that i used for compiling this rom
Patch to system/core for RIL to work:
Patch to hardware/broadcom/libbt for bluetooth to work:
Patch to frameworks/native to support legacy binaries:
Patch to frameworks/native to workaround hwc issues: and
Patch to frameworks/av to fix audio/video issues:
Patch to external/chromium_org to workaround hwc issues:
Patch to packages/app/SamsungServiceMode to fix service mode:

How to activate Dual SIM?

Note: Dual SIM is disabled by default.You can activate it by to

Version 1.0 - Fixed Booting Version 1.1 - Fix SystemUI FC for Dual SIM Version 1.2 - Fix Adaptive Backlight and Vibrator Intensity - Disabled Dual SIM by default because it causes SystemUI to FC - update to JustArchi's ArchiDroid Optimizations V3 - mark some strings as untranslatable and expose - make console shell run as GID=shell - incallui: make navigation bar translucent + other fixes - cleanups, use symbols exposed by system, mark strings as untranslatable - further cleanup of LockscreenSecuritySettings - vendor/nameless add i9082 and find7 - Merge "nameless: add support for nicki" into android-4.4 - Better QuickMessage layout for mdpi