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Can the nexus 7 2013 4.4.3 kitkat use boot animation sounds? If so where to place them and what to add in the desc.txt file. If not does cyanogenmod allow boot animation sounds?
I have used search but it found nothing. Maybe i didn't use the right key words. I searched for bootanimation sounds nexus 7 2013.
I don't think it does, at least not the stock ROM nor any other ROMs I know of (there may be some hardware limitation to as why), but, if they did, they might be stored where a custom bootanimation.zip would be, in /data/local and they might be in the same zip as the bootanimation, some devices use a sound file in /system/sounds, yes, I know, academic.

Yes, you will find posts that say to install/replace bootanimation.zip into /system/media, and while it works, it is not as elegant as using /data/local.
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