Info 2 Towelroot works without unlocking bootloader!

Yesterday, Geohot released his Towelroot exploit here:

Towelroot was made for the Verizon / AT&T Galaxy S5, reported working with the Note 3, and is supposed to work on pretty much any device with a kernel built before June 3. Since the TF701T has a kernel from Apr 18, I tried Towelroot on a completely stock TF701T and can report that I am now rooted without unlocking my boot loader.

Just leaving this here in case there are any further developments. I'd love to see how much can be done without voiding warranty through bootloader. At the very least, we have Xposed.
G1 Black (semi-retired)
RA 1.7.0 Radio
8GB 512MB ext4 / rest FAT32

Nexus One
RA 2.2.0 CM
32GB 2GB ext4 / rest FAT32

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