Default Another wireless charger stand

There are some truly gorgeous stands that folks have build. The most inspiring are the ones made of wood. Unfortunately I have neither the proper tools nor skills to make something like that. Instead I worked with what I had which included a 110V MIG welder and some pencil rod. (Sort of like rebar but smooth and about 1/4" in diameter and cheap. )

It's a little crude but does the job.

I might have done a better job or aligning the cutout for the USB connector. It was supposed to slant down.

I prefer landscape orientation for this application so magnets weren't really necessary, just a stand that would hold the charger reasonably well.

(Note: This is on no way intended to demonstrate skillful welding. I would have to hire someone to do that. Like my mentor said. If all you want to do is stick pieces of metal together ... )

I haven't decided what finish to go with. I might just seal the rust with some kind of clear spray paint. First I need to rust the shiny bits.