Default Nightlies



SM-T525 (picassolte) nightlies folder

Known Issues:

* splash screen: On boot the screen will go black for 5-10 seconds (same for the cwmr) until the CM boot logo appears. This is just cosmetic.
* most of the bugs on JIRA for mondrianwifi.


* Main CM changes (ignore device_samsung_mondrianwifi): cmxlog for mondrianwifi
* Tabpro common device changes
* Tabpro common vendor blob changes
* Picassolte specific device changes

The changelog contains all changes made to that branch. Each nightly will be tagged and looks like:

7cd5c0b (HEAD, tag: nightly-20140808, m/cm-11.0, github/cm-11.0) mondrianwifi: init: Configure minimum GPU speed

The tag(s) that say "nightly-xxxxxxx" indicate that all changes from this commit down are in that nightly. Therefore, you can see what has changed since a specific version by looking for all entries between your current night's tag and the one that you are going to download and install.