Default [Sprint] Galaxy Mega ( SPH-L600 ) 4.4.2 KatKat OTA Update

Well I pulled my OTA and will be updating as soon as I have the chance. In case anyone with a Sprint variant wants it now, here you go.

Showing KitKat NE4 dropped on Open Source L600VPUBNE4

Official Sprint Mega KitKat

As with all Official Updates, you need to have stock recovery loaded and be unrooted. This is flashed via stock recovery only and not custom recovery. If you have problems with the update I suggest you update via flashing through Odin with the Official NE4 KitKat Update.

This update does state you will not be able to downgrade the bootloader once done but if that really doesnt worry you or could care less then please proceed. Like many other Samsung devices, I am pretty sure one can flash a custom MK1 or NA7 Rom with the newer bootloader ( if one was available for us Sprint owners... ) all as long as you do not try to downgrade the newer NE4 bootloader back to the previous NA7 bootloader. As always you all should know what to do with the file so be safe and enjoy......

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One way to gain root on your Sprint Galaxy Mega 6.3 ( SPH-L600 ) w/ Firmware NE4 ( KitKat )
Using PhilZ Touch Recovery Thank you @Phil3759
Post#20 <------- click here

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Official Stock Firmware tar.md5 ( 1.19 GB )
L600VPUBNE4 Firmware <------- click here
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SGN2 (SPH-L900)- NE2/Running 4.4.2 TW Rwilco/Community Rom Mix/Philz CWM
SGS3 (SPH-L710)- ND8/Stock w/ S5 Apps, Rooted w/ All the Goodys/Philz CWM
SGS4 (SPH-L720)- NAE/Stock, Rooted/Philz CWM
SGM (SPH-L600)- NE4/Stock w/ S5 Apps, Rooted/Philz CWM
Nabi2 (NABI2-NV7A)- 4.1 JB/Stock, Rooted & Monarch UI Removed/TWRP Recovery
"Fuhu Nabi Wiki" <--Click to view