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So I'm making this quick, my dad's on vacation and he has a C6602 as well. He's in London, he called and said that his phone was 9% battery level so he turned it off. He then later called me from his other phone and said the Z isn't charging. He doesn't have the Z's original charger with him, for the past week he had been charging it with his Moto G charger and Nexus 7 charger. When he tried putting it on charge, he said the phone wasn't doing anything. The LED isn't lighting up and the phone isn't responding to anything. Any ideas on what to do? Its been used with care and was bought in Jan 2014. The phone has been left on charge for 7 hours straight and still no reaction!
What's wrong with it and is there a quick solution?


Just letting you know, the phone was on 4.3 Jellybean (the build that ends with .101).

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