Default Legal action -Samsung Knox- need 400 users lawyers will take case

Spoke with my lawyer. Says I have a case against samsung.

1.) Samsung faild to password protect update option
As my almost 2 year old managed to update me to 4.4 from JB 4.1.2. When I did not want 4.3 or 4.4 due to knox.

2.) The knox feature was not advertised when selling the note 2 and other phones sold prior to introducing knox to our phones.

I don't have the money to fork over legal expenses. So lawyer said if I can find more then 400 samsung users who are stuck with knox they would take the case.

If you wish to join reply to post. Once we reach 400 will contact you all with an for proper information.

Pls only use this to count yourself in. Add a comment if you wish when adding yourself but pls no chating. Will make it easy to count who's in this way.
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