Default XT1045 Stock ROM Dump

UPDATE: as pointed out by @lost101 the initial release signed factory image is now available courtesy of the Firmware Team.


Also, here are backups of the NV items, done with both EFS Professional and QPST. I removed my IMEI.


Original post below:


As a stopgap measure until official properly signed images make their appearance, here's a dump of the:
  • mmcblk0p1 (modem)
  • mmcblk0p21 (fsg)
  • mmcblk0p27 (logo)
  • mmcblk0p31 (boot)
  • mmcblk0p32 (recovery)
  • mmcblk0p34 (system)
partitions from the XT1045 initial release US retail 4.4.3 (21.23.4.peregrine_retus.retus.en.US retus) ROM.

The usual disclaimers apply. Handle with care. (421 MB)


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