Default Bricked my phone, need some help

Got a brand new vs980 from Verizon with stock OTA 24A on it. I rooted and then used the KITKAT 24A OTA FREEDOM file from this thread to try and install TWRP 2.7. It ran, asked me if I wanted to boot into recovery. I chose yes. It appeared to have worked fine. However, now my phone just gives me the ERROR: boot certification verify screen. I've tried to get into download mode, but it never makes it past the first screen (dots). It never makes it to the screen with the progress meter and the usb icon. It seems to be properly bricked. Is this thread my only hope?
Phone: LG G2 VS980
Nova Launcher Prime: 2.2.3
Android Version: 4.4.2
Kernel version: 3.4.0
Baseband version: VS98024A
Build number: CM11 Snapshot M6