Question [Q]Porting MT6582 to MT6572

Hello Guys,I searched for Lewa Os 5 for MT6572 but I didn't find any.So,I thought to download MT6582 as these chips are in combination like MT6589 to MT6577.I downloaded Wiko darkmoon . @superdragonpt created or ported it.I want it for my use,If got successful then I will take permission from him.I patched the rom with my stock files.The updater-script was just fine with exactly same mount points as in my Xolo A500s.I unpacked boot.img with michfood's packing and unpacking tools ,but the thing that I am worried is the boot.img of 6 mb shrinked to 4 mb!I just edited init.rc and added bootclasspath of lewa.

But,it didn't boot.I think I need to replace my ram disk in my boot with wiko dark moon's boot ram disk.Could I port this way?
Is it possible to port MT6582 to MT6572?It's my first time of cross-porting.
Please,I need some help on this!
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