A: Rom was built from scratch ( not an port ), i used LeWa patchroom ( just like MIUI's patchroom).
LeWa patchroom is Closed Source (proprietary) so i can't help you with that

B: You should be able to "port" it to your device, concerning kernel:
- Use ( mandatory) LeWa's ramdisk
- If your kernel after repack is smaller, thats rather normal , its just an question of compression %.

Also since we are talking about port of diff SoC's there are other things that you'll need to fix:
- SoC ID on updater-script; ramdisk: build.prop; etc.
- Also keep in mind that LeWa itself its an themed rom, so its uses an 2nd framework ( lewa-res) that works under the main one, you may need to patch other things in the process.

--> For this, check the MT65xx porting thread, its very usefull.

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