Will be uploading new build soon

Mahdi Sync
Fix smartcover lid not putting phone to sleep when its shut
Possible screen mirror fix
Possible fix for screen not powering back on after sleep
Use 6-20 mixers (with handset incall path added)

I will update the OP but JDI kernels will be done a little bit different, again. There will be a zip in the OP you flash one time only if you are JDI. It makes a .panel folder on your sdcard(internal storage) which marks you as having a JDI panel. You never have to flash this twice as long as you do not delete the .panel folder or format internal storage. My patches will have a script that will checks to see if this folder is on your sdcard, if it is the script will change your kernel to JDI automatically. Thanks to Savoca for the script and nuclearmistake from vanir for the idea.