Default How To Tether Free on AT&T Android 4.4.2

1. Go to Settings --> More --> Tab on Application Manager
2. Go to All tab (By scrolling Vertically)
3. Find AT&T Hot Spots and click it
4. When App info opens, click Turn off

Now AT&T Hotspot is turned off (The above steps just to ensure that AT&T hotspot is off

5. Download RootBrowser and the attached file and save to your phone. Know exactly where you saved it, so you can use it later on.

6. Browse to System/app and rename TetheringProvision.apk and TetheringProvision.odex . Rename the apk and odex to*.bak*(This way, you can rename them back in case the steps did not work for you)

7. After you finish replacing the files, go to your folder where you saved the attached file and copy it to system/app & change permissions to same as the other file you renamed

7. Reboot your phone.

8. Enjoy using foxfi app or any tether app

You cant use the phone settings hotspot but atleast you can tether free on 4.4.2 alot of people are still on unlimited plan so this helps alot

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