Default L Launcher Design in XGELS V1.8.4

XGELS V1.8.4 just arrived in the Play Store allowing you to enable the L Launcher design!
The only requirement is a Google Search version 3.5 and above.
There is no need to install any ported launcher or even worse, edit build.props breaking stuff.

You can go ahead and enable XGELS -> General -> L Launcher Design.

Changes I've noticed so far
  • new icons in the overview menu
  • new folder preview
  • new app drawer icon
  • new animation when launching apps

Have fun

Xposed Repo (needs to be updated manually)
[MOD][XPOSED] Xposed GEL Settings - Customize your Google Now Launcher
[MOD][XPOSED] Suggestions Toggle - Quickly toggle keyboard suggestions on/off
[MOD][XPOSED] No Wireless Charging Sound - Disables the "Wireless charging started" sound