Default [Q] Strange charging

After I flashed the new IC 3.0.5 i got a huge charging problem.
At first my phone charged very slowly. First I thought that it is a consequence of the hboot update. But it isn't.
Then over night and today there was no charging at all. I nearly cried.
Now that I reflashed IC 3.0.3 my phone charges again.

Now my question: is my phone bricked? With GSAM battery monitor and other programs or the #xxx# method with the dialer
everything says that my battery is ok. When I connect my phone to my PC there is no problem with the connection but the slow charging still is a thing.

My Phone:
  • HTC One M7 801n
  • Rom: InsertCoin 6th Sense
  • Recovery: TWRP
  • Unlocked and S-OFF
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