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Got this phone about 10 days ago and my battery is terrible since day 1, someone suggested to root my phone and get the BBS app and dump a file i did that and installed a system tuner to disable google CHECKIN OR GCM and unchecked them. apps i got installed to help with battery battery doctor, wakelock detector, os monitor, system tuner, gsam battery, betterbatterystats.

Apps i disabled are:
Ant radio service
Ant+ plugins
App zone
google play book, games, movies, music, newstand , google search, google+ , hangouts
hp print service plugin
my magazine
s health , svoice , samsung account , samsung apps , samsung galaxy apps widget, samsung push service, smart remote , Top Hd Games

got a plain black wallpaper, even after all this i cant get more than 2h30m screentime and everyone is getting 5h+ do i have a defective unit? what are my options right now? cause basically i removed everything the phone has lol. i talk to my workplace and they can send the phone for repair but i want to see if someone can help me before i do that. i have to unroot the phone if i have to send it for repair even though my phone is 0x1 on knox cause i was stupid to root with cf-root and didnt check other methods.