Default [Q] GT-P5113 Reboot Loop Plz Help

I bought this about 2 weeks ago and got to use it for about 5 days.

Woke up in the middle of the night cuz I kept hearing the start up sound to my tablet. So what it does is starts up then I get a prompt saying "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" I click ok and then another prompt that says "Unfortunately, Goole+ has stopped" with the choice of clicking "Report" of "Ok" then the screen freezes and it all starts again.

So I have about 3 - 5 seconds after it starts up and I've tried going in and doing a system restore but it crashes before I can do that. I have manged to go in and delete my google account but when it restarts my account is back.

So then I tried using the Odin3 program with every different file that I could find that would be compatible with my tab and it shows that it installs fine but nothing ever changes on the tab it self. I have tried using the Pit file and the stock rom, the stock rom alone, the pit file alone, twrp open recovery, clockwork open recovery, CF Auto Root, but no luck. I have tried having the auto reboot on and off and then rebooting it myself, still no change.
When I go into recovery mode it shows the android with a red triangle. and of course if I try to install anything from there it always does the signature fail. Which I'm guessing cuz it's not rooted. So at this point I am wondering is there a way to just completely wipe everything off and start completely over? I have wasted so much time on this POS I'm about to just throw it away. Any advice would be more greatly appreciated.
Thank you.