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2nd July 2014, 04:26 AM |#1  
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I am a student and use a note 10.1 and a note pro 12.2 for note taking. I use both tablets on a daily basis for several hours during class and at home. For note taking I mainly use LectureNotes and for pdf viewing I use the only good pdf viewer ebookdroid. I don't use any paper whatsoever.

I am getting increasingly frustrated with my setup, I have the feeling that it is holding me back and my workflow is not fluid/natural. I am mainly getting frustrated with LectureNotes and switching back and forth between lecturenotes for editing and ebookdroid for plain reading.

While LectureNotes is a great app, there are a few things that are really frustrating:
  • Pdfs get dumbed down into pictures/bitmaps: Loss of searchability, export of pdfs is images only, loss of table of contents, links and everything that makes pdf cool
  • Pdf import takes long because it has to render everything into images, import is not in background, i have to sit there and do nothing until its finished
  • Huge memory consumption. I have even increased my max memory per app to 768mb per app to avoid crashes.
  • Everything is in images
    • Large memory consumption
    • I write in portrait, if I rotate the device it gets pixelated
    • If I get a tablet with a different/higher resolution my previous notes are going to look bad
  • Menus are text only, takes long to find something. Ln has so many features, but I dont really want to bother to find them in all the menus
  • UI is in general slow and sluggish
  • notebook overview is slow
  • inserting a page can take a while
  • cant have multiple documents open in tabs (app would run out of memory anyways :P...)
  • opening and closing of documents isn't instant

Ebookdroid is the perfect pdf viewer for me, it has tabs, lots of customization and is very fast. It just cant annotate pdfs.

Basically I am looking for a note taking app with the following feature set:
  • Simply fast and responsive
  • Based on vector graphics which will scale to any resolution
  • Instant pdf import and merging of notes taken in the application back into the pdf
  • Read only pdf viewing, so I dont have to switch to a pdf viewer just for viewing of pdfs
  • Navigating a document of several hundred pages should be easy and intuitive
    • Decent table of contents
    • quick/responsive overview with thumbnails
  • Multi device synchronous editing of documents. I don't want to have to wait 10 minutes for dropsync to synchronize my notes. (Specific to me)
  • Simple way to view documents on pc. Some tasks like creation of a table of contents, reording of pages and things that are quicker and easier with a mouse and keyboard can be done on a desktop client.
  • Can have multiple documents open at the same time
  • App in general should be user friendly and fun to use.

I have programmed in java and android before. I'm considering spending my holiday on writing a notetaking app. Atm I'm still evaluating the libraries, file formats, if I can pull it off, the time I will roughly need and if it's worth my time at all. The app will ofc be open source.

Is there any interest in a better note taking application or is it just me?
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