Default The Good and Bad LG Software Features

This is a thread for those coming from an AOSP ROM like Vanilla Android or CyanogenMod or even from other OEM overlays like Sense. What would you say are the good and LG features?

For me, good:
  • Heads up display implantation of incoming calls when screen is on that ensures you don't break your workflow.
  • Little hovering window to show a call is in loudspeaker in the background with the time on it
  • Though almost standardised, having call controls in the notification drawer

  • Auto expanded notifications
  • Unable to disable the clips tray
  • Unable to remove toggles from within the drawer
  • Battery percentage being to the left of the battery
  • Unable to customise lockscreen
  • Implementation of software navigation keys breaks functions like hiding the keyboard
  • Customisation of the share intent with everything being ticked all the time