Default [Q] [HELP][URGENT]Changed DNA Resolution, MUST UNDO

Alright so I was enjoying my newly rooted and unlocked 4.4.2 dna, but that was ended abruptly when I found out about the resolution changer apk in the app store. I change the resolution once, all was okay except the dpi was too low. So I upped it by like 100 (note that it wouldve only been maybe 20dpi over the inital factory 440dpi it came with) and then I reboot and cant even see anything on the screen. It's black with glitchy-like lines through the screen. Can't unlock.

Things I have tried:
Re-Flashed the rom I had installed, that failed.
Re-Flashed my firmware for the installed rom, also failed.
Searched FOR DAYS for help (because I am a noob and don't want to just post a thread instantly after registering, but I really have no choice at the moment.

I even sent the producers of the app an e-mail but I have no hope in that pulling through.

I desperately need help, and any recommendations or ANYTHING will be highly appreciated.