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Xperia phones do not have a recovery partition to flash recovery to via fastboot.

If you can enter fastboot, then flash a stock kernel.elf with flashtool (In fastboot mode).

Then you can use flashtool to relock your boot (I imagine you have not even taken a TA backup and you are new to xperia devices, your post suggests so)

then you should be able to use pccompanion to repair, or flashtool to flash a FTF

However, by flashing a recovery image you may have bricked the phone. try what I have said, if it does not work get back in touch. (Do you have access to jtag and setool?)
Can you link me to the files you suggested I try? There seems to be a truckload of them laying around the forum.

Also, yes, I am new to xperia phones. Didnt think they were this complicated to flash but I shouldnt have played with fastboot anyway. And no, sadly I dont have a jtag. Never needed one before.

Thanks for the help btw, I greatly appreciate this.
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