Default Finally stopped using my galaxy S1

The S1 has to be one of the greatest phones there has ever been. How many other phones have still been 'smart', 4 years after they were released, and still running the very latest OS?

I really liked the size and styling of it. I only had a couple of problems. The first being that the camera had ceased to work a long time ago, I replaced it and tried updating the camera firmware. Nothing worked. The other problem was RAM. If it only had 1GB...

So I chose to upgrade to a Galaxy S2

It's almost the same size. Very similar styling. Very slightly bigger screen. 1GB RAM. And a working camera. Feels almost like my old S1 with more memory.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to pawitp and all the devs who kept my phone alive and up to date.

Viva La Galaxy S!

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