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I am using the latest RUU exe for the Sprint HTC One from HTC1Guru to return my phone to stock. It detected my phone and started the update. Now my phone just has a white HTC logo on the screen and on my computer the program has said "Sending..." for the last 4 hours, and the windows also says to not power off or unplug the phone from your computer and that this process will take 10 minutes (for the last 4 hours). Is something wrong? Anybody have any idea if this will still complete successfully and how long it will take? This is a downgrade from Cyanogenmod and the phone has always worked fine.
ruu should not take that long, so it failed for sure.
btw you have posted in the htc one gsm forum, there is a forum dedicated to the sprint variant (cdma)
  • post the output of "fastboot getvar all" excluding imei and serialno
  • post the ruu version you are using
  • have you checked md5 of the ruu before flashing?
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