DS Version 2.0 FULL
Combined NE5 with 【B-ROM】【June 15】【4.4.2】Note2_Lte_Odex_R9.0【ODEX】【Note3+S5 FS】
Thanks and credit @bawffg85
Deodex'd it
Air Command
S5 everything, except S-Health
3Minit Battery Mod Thanks/Credit @gharrington

Custom setting(Setting-Devices-Display) you can custom the flowing items:
1: Open the lock screen ink color
2: Custom lock screen ink color
3: Custom the text color
4: Custom the text color of the main interface
5: switch the text color of the main interface level 1
6: custom the text color of the main interface level 2
7: switch the text color main screen level 2
8: The color of the main interface custom icons
9: Setting the main interface icon color switch
10: The system global background setting switch
11: The system global background color simple type switch
12: Icon color switch
13: Level 1 custom text color
14: Level 2custom text color
15: Custom array text colors pop
16: Custom toast popups text color
17: Custom third-party installation progress bar color
18: The status bar virtual home, the current task, lock screen can be turned off
19: The status bar network speed
20: Display 6 keys
21: S5 Launcher, you can setting the wallpaper scrolling on or off, etc.
Themed like V1

Links for DS Full version 2.0
Mirror https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23622183712467192

DS ButtNaked 2.0
[SIZE="4"]Used ButtNaked V1 and added on Mod | Moath Ryahnah v1.2 | S5 | Note3
Thanks and credit to @moath ryahnah

- Air Command
- S5 launcher 5x6
- S5 weather widget
- S5 SystemUI
- S5 Dialer with call recording
- For in-call popup notification
A fix in posting in Post #4
- theme chooser ( lg g3 ,,, samsung basic )
- 4 way reboot
- S5 theme and icon
- Increase the level of sound
- S5 boot sound
- Note 3 multi-window (Quad)
- S5 Messages
- S5 My file
- S5 Keyboard
-S5 S-Memo
-S5 Video player
- S5 theme for theme chooser
Removed MyMagazine and a few other thing to get naked.


Thanks to all testers !

And of course Credit and thanks to electron-team for all their work !

Fixes will be posted in Post #4
There will be two today. One fixing Pop Up notification during call for Butt Naked. And one to update the 3minit Battery Mod app
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