Angry [THEME][CM11] Material [3.1][31/7/14]

Material Theme

A theme for CM11 based on Material Design. [Only supports CM11 new theme engine and xxhdpi devices(You are welcomed to try it on lower lcd density devices)]

Material DarkMaterial Light


  • Minimal
  • Material Design based theme
  • Themed Framework
  • Themed SystemUI
  • Animated Checkbox
  • Themed Settings
  • Themed Google Keyboard
  • Themed Dialer
  • Themed various apps
  • Roboto fonts from Android L preview (Apply it to get the new clock font and Action Bar header title in settings apps)
  • Default ringtone, notification and alarm from Android L preview
  • Sony style loading icon animation

  • V3.1
    • Fix hangouts text, thanks @zxczxcdani for reporting
    • Increase actionbar text size
    • Notification L- text size and style
    • Button checkbox now animated!
    • Themed settings data usage bar
    • Updated dialer incall UI
    • Back to invisible list dividers
    • Light version (Same app thus replaces each other)

    • V3.0
      • Material style Dialer, big thanks to @b16h22 for lending a helping hand!
      • hdpi devices dialog box fixed!
      • Adjusted Action bar height to 56dip.
      • Revamped Gmail and Calender app
      • New solid overscroll glow at 50% transparency grey
      • Refined alarm Icon
      • Fixed dropdown menu (Was not used because it was named wrongly )
    • V2.9
    • V2.8
    • V2.6.1
      • Fix Expanded status bar L font style
      • Fix close handle underlap size
    • V2.6
      • Added more Android L fonts
      • New status bar time font style
      • New QuickSettings font style
      • Updated action bar back button to Android L
        (The new fonts from L preview are used so make sure to apply the fonts in themes)
    • V2.5
      • Adjusted QS tiles to appropriate size
      • L themed notification panel
      • Changed Quick Settings Time and Date font size
    • V2.3
      • Changed dialog box to Material white color
      • Adjusted fragment padding side [Header padding inside sub settings]
      • Updated notification to Android L style. Well, almost XD
      • Battery info icons
    • V2.2
      • Fixed Permissions. Thanks @jasonevil
      • Themed toast frame
      • Updated lockscreen Icon (2.2a)
    • V2.1
      • Reduce wallpaper resolution and some other ones to optimize size of app.
      • Some minor fixes
    • V2.0
      • Change icons in settings from dark green to white
    • V1.11
      • Derp fix status bar icons
    • V1.1
      • Themed Lockscreen
      • Themed status bar
      • Themed Settings
      • Attempt on fixing xhdpi devices dialog middle png
    • V1.0
      • Initial release

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