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Hello people, my launcher always reboot when I use a multiple apps, in reboot I say I need to wait to the launcher Finishing to redimentions, I think the launcher apps is close! all the time I use a build.prop tweak forcing the launcher in memory and don't work! Can you help me please people? I have .100 JB in my Sony Xperia go rooted unlock BL

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This is a custom behaviour of Xperia Go casued by the lack of ram of it. I got it as well and i think everyone has. You are lucky you got a unlocked bootloader so my best guess would be for you to install a custom rom and a custom kernel with a better memory management because, from my experience, with the default ROM you can avoid that happening from time to time, and with a custom rom you can make it happen less times, but it will keep happening from time to time and it's very annoying