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The wife gave me a gs4, with the condition I unroot my gs3 and give it to her. Sweet, until when I connect my gs3 to my computer odin, never sees it. I am running:

Odin ver 3.07
Android version 4.3
Baseband version I535VRUCML1
Kernel version 3.0.31
CleanROM 8 core Edition
Hardware version I535.10
Do have samsung drivers installed.

I am assuming/hoping that is more info than is needed.

My plan was to use odin to put stock kit kat on and lock everything back up. But when I enter download mode and connect to my computer(whether odin is open before or after) Odin never puts a com port up, aka it never connects to the phone. Am I running the wrong version of Odin? If so, which should I be running?
i normally use odin 3.07 but i updated to stock kitkat with kies this time without a hitch. if youre locking it down for her thatd be the simplest way.
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