Prompt [Q] Please help me with TWRP on 6.3.3

Hi, I'm Aareon. I've read in multiple places that 6.3.3 can be downgraded to 6.3.2, but I've read elsewhere that 6.3.3 doesn't work with KFU (Kindle Fire Utility). From experience, I've noticed that KFU 0.9.6 doesn't work with the Boot Status of 6.3.3. It is imperative that Boot Status displays correctly in-order for the rest of the software to function appropriately.

I guess my ultimate question is; 'Am I wasting my time?'

Please, legitimate answers preferably with explanation, of some sort.

P.S. I've seen the 6.3.3 pre-rooted update, but that requires TWRP, which I've explained my plight above.