**Must be on a ROM that supports custom bootanimations (such as MOAR on the Sprint S5) because these are all in .zip format!!**

1. Android Peeing on Apple 1
2. Android Peeing on Apple 2
3. Brazil Booty!
4. Google
5. ICS Nexus HD
6. Jarvis/Iron Man
7. KitKat Logo
8. THC Quietly Burnt
9. The Beast Hulk
10. The Matrix

1. Go into a root browser and go to system/media
2. Rename bootanimation.zip to bootanimation.zip.bak (this will back up your current bootanimation)
3. Copy desired bootanimation (only 1 of em') to system/media
4. Rename the bootanimation you just copied to bootanimation.zip
5. Set permissions for new bootanimation to RW-R-R.
6. Reboot and enjoy your new bootanimation!

I take NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER for any of these. I've had some on my computer since the GS3! I have no idea where I got em' from and if someone knows where some are from please tell me and I will give proper credit sorry for no previews, I have no idea how to do that lol, but if someone could tell/teach me how I will gladly do it! Enjoy!
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Sprint Galaxy S5
Kernel: Stock NE5 Kernel with some tweaks
Theme: Velur (Nova icon pack)
Modem: NE5
Apps I NEED: TiBu, Google Now, Beautiful Widgets, Greenify (Donate), Xposed, 8sms, NiLS/NiLS FP

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