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* Under-volting can cause instability

* Over-clocking can cause freeze/reboot, heat & damage to CPU, GPU or other hardware

* Any customizations may void warranty

* May not be suitable for your device or customizations

* UpInTheAir is NOT responsible, the person you see in the mirror is !

  1. SM-T700 WIFI or T705 LTE Exynos device
  2. TW Kit Kat 4.4.2
  3. Rooted
  4. KNOX disabled/removed (if NOT flashing via custom recovery)
  5. ROM busybox is removed (
  6. TWRP Recovery


v1.0 [27-August-2014]

ramdisk :
  • default.prop: Possible Screen Mirroring / AllShare Cast fix (please give FULL report !!)
  • init.rc: added some more boot defaults
  • synapse: added to descriptions & general clean up
  • synapse: PowerSuspend: (enabled by default)
    added dynamic Fsync control (disabled by default)
    moved Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback controls
    added Adaptive VFS Cache Pressure on Suspend / Resume
  • synapse: Battery: added Battery Scaling Calibration (fuel-gauge chip reset)
  • synapse: Reboot: added Clear Synapse Data button

kernel :
  • fs/dyn_sync_cntrl: dynamic Fsync control v1.5
  • fs/dcache.c: adaptive vfs_cache_pressure on suspend / resume
  • fs/aio.c: Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased
  • enabled AIO
  • kernel: sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire
  • config: set default TCP Westwood+ -- remembered at last :)
  • Dynamic read-ahead (1024 kB for 16 GB partition)
  • block: add FIOPS I/O scheduler
  • block: deadline: tweaks
    Optimize for non-rotational
    allow 0ms deadline latency, increase the read speed

v0.9 [22-August-2014]

updater-script :
  • Knox removal

ramdisk :
  • T700: new T700KXU1ANG1 ramdisk (thanks @stitoo )
  • init.rc: added some more boot defaults
  • synapse: Audio: removed Main Speaker amplification & equalizer (only top speaker was boosted)
  • synapse: Drivers: added PowerSuspend control
  • synapse: Memory: added Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback controls
  • synapse: Advanced: added LMK Whitelist control for Do-Not-Kill Processes
  • synapse: various small cleanups
  • init.universal5420.rc: mount F2FS

kernel :
  • Completely rebuilt on newer T700OPU1ANG2 source
  • removed GPU 733 MHz freq step. Max now at 667 MHz (optional)
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o earlysuspend v1.2
  • staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Management of not killable processes (read Post #3 )
  • mm: Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
  • config: enable LAST_KMSG
  • Asynchronous Fsync: initial extraction of Async Fsync from HTC
  • FS: import F2FS

v0.7 [16-August-2014]

ramdisk :
  • T700: new ramdisk from T700XXU1ANF9 (thanks @mitchellvii )
  • T705: new ramdisk from T705XXU1ANG2 (thanks @edan1979 )
  • synapse: Reboot: added reboot & recovery options
  • synapse: removed Audio checkboxes to enable speaker & headphone equalizer settings (enabled by default)

kernel :
  • Completely rebuilt on newer T700XXU1ANF7 source
  • added GPU 733 MHz freq step (optional) will decrease benchmark due to thermal throttle, but what the heck !
  • MALI_DVFS-START FEQ set to 100 MHz (will allow launcher to idel lower & use loads more of user set min GPU freq )
  • Kernel compression mode changed to XZ (smaller zImage & stops kernel flash damaging the Recovery partition )
  • removed useless CPU Performance governor

v0.6 [12-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: Network: TCP/IP network security
  • synapse: Network: TCP/IP network speed
  • synapse: Network: GPS region
  • synapse: USB: UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode

v0.5 [11-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: adjustments to various layout options and info
  • synapse: audio controls (some omitted for now)

kernel :
  • WolfsonMicro WM5102 sound control by AndreiLux

v0.4 [10-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: adjustments to various layout options and info
  • synapse: CPU: multi-core power saving control (sched_mc_power_savings)
  • synapse: Advanced: randomize_va_space control
  • /sbin/ enable frandom & fix init.d

kernel :
  • add frandom
  • fs: mount partitions NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default
  • BFQ-v7r4 IO scheduler & set as default)
  • config: enable sched_mc_power_savings for sysfs

v0.3 [09-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: add various layout options and info
  • synapse: CPU general IO tuneable
  • synapse: Virtual memory tuneable
  • synapse: Gentle fair sleepers control (disabled to improve UI performance)
  • synapse: TCP congestion control
  • synapse: Android logger control (disabled)
  • synapse: logs - last_kmsg

kernel :
  • logger: modify for Synapse app checkbox compatibility
  • add sysfs interface for GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS

v0.2 [07-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: add GPU, battery & thermal controls

kernel :
  • cpufreq: allow A15's to 2.1 GHz and A7's to 200 MHz
  • config: enable TCP congestion control & all available algorithms
  • logger: add sysfs interface to enable / disable Android Logger
  • battery: add MAX77803/UNIVERSAL5420 charger control
  • battery: add unstable power detection switch to charger controls
  • battery: properly populate current now, avg, and max output properties
  • battery: expose all MHL currents in charger controls
  • Mali GPU: OC to 677 & UC to 100 MHz
  • Mali GPU: clock & governor control
  • Mali GPU: voltage control
  • mach-exynos: lower regulator buck min voltages
  • exynos_tmu: add configurable interface

Initial Release v0.1 [06-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • default.prop/init.rc: adb insecure, wifi fix & SELinux permissive
  • add synapse support (initial files ported from halask88 & moddified to suit)

kernel :
  • config: enable /proc/.config.gz support
  • config: enable KSM support
  • config: enable performance CPU governor
  • config: enable USB OTG support
  • config: enable NTFS RW support
  • config: enable CIFS support
  • config: disable DEBUG_INFO
  • add sysfs helpers
  • cpufreq: add Exynos 5420 voltage control

  1. Uninstall any CPU control apps, tweaks and scripts etc.
  2. Ensure KNOX is disabled/removed (only if NOT flashing with custom recovery)
  3. Optional: Install Wanam DVFS disabler for greater kernel control
  4. Install Synapse app from Google Play and rate it ☆☆☆☆☆ !!
  5. If ROM busybox is installed: Uninstall your current busybox with
  6. Flash with TWRP Recovery
  7. Any issues, please check Posts #1-3 and search the thread BEFORE posting




>> WIFI SkyHigh T700 kernel <<

STOCK T700 WIFI T700KXU1ANG1 kernel (Flashing Stock will wipe your WiFi setings !)



>> LTE SkyHigh T705 kernel <<

STOCK T705 LTE T705XXU1ANG2 kernel (Flashing Stock will wipe your WiFi setings !)


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