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6th July 2014, 03:32 AM |#2  
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* Under-volting can cause instability

* Over-clocking can cause freeze/reboot, heat & damage to CPU, GPU or other hardware

* Any customizations may void warranty

* May not be suitable for your device or customizations

* UpInTheAir is NOT responsible, the person you see in the mirror is !


  1. Watch >> THIS <<
  2. SM-T700 WIFI or T705 LTE Exynos device
  3. TW Kit Kat 4.4.2
  4. Rooted
  5. TWRP Recovery


v3.3 [12-March-2015]

kernel :
  • Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd4354: Fixed failure to enter PS mode while roaming in suspend" (reverting fixes reported issue of "slow & laggy" connection on 5GHz WIFI)

v3.2 [12-March-2015]

ramdisk :
  • Synapse: FS: remove "Wipe Cache" and "Wipe Dalvik-Cache" options (may cause user app issue who forget to reboot)
  • Synapse: FS: add "Wipe Cache & Dalvik-Cache Reboot" option

kernel :
  • Revert "ipv4: try to cache dst_entries which would cause a redirect" (reverting fixes reported issue of "slow & laggy" connection on 5GHz WIFI)

v3.1 [11-March-2015]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: remove some boot defaults (set in source)
  • Synapse: GPU QoS: FIX GPU CPU QoS display correct CPU (A7) freq, ie CPU freq 250 is now displayed as 500 MHz for GPU 177 MHz, and so on
  • Synapse: FS: add Wipe tombstones option
  • Synapse: MEMORY: change dirty_ratio & dirty_background_ratio to Adaptive and update descriptions.

kernel :
  • mm/page-writeback.c: enabled Dynamic Dirty Writeback by default
  • mm: Implement Adaptive Dirty Background Ratio & Dirty Ratio for suspend/resume [by UpInTheAir]
  • mm: adjust dirty_background ratio to mirror ramdisk init.rc value
  • mm: adjust swappiness value to mirror ramdisk
  • fs: make ADAPTIVE_VFS_CACHE_PRESSURE compile optional [by UpInTheAir]

v3.0 [09-March-2015]

ramdisk :
  • Synapse: FS: add FSTrim push button
  • Synapse: FS: add Wipe Options - Wipe Cache, Wipe Cache Reboot, Wipe Dalvik-Cache, Wipe Dalvik-Cache Reboot, Wipe Clipboard Cache
  • Synapse: BACKUP RESTORE: FIX backups not being restored
  • Synapse: BACKUP RESTORE: rework and now able to add names to Profile and Kernel Backups !!

kernel :
  • Samsung DYNAMIC Hotplug control: hotplug_cpu_up_boost_value 90 > 0 (better UI performance with all cores on like stock. Battery nuts can set to 30%)
  • timer: optimize apply_slack()
  • kernel/timer.c: Optimize apply_slack() for size and speed
  • block: recursive merge requests
  • ipv4: try to cache dst_entries which would cause a redirect
  • net: wireless: bcmdhd4354: Fixed failure to enter PS mode while roaming in suspend

v2.9 [05-March-2015]

ramdisk :
  • sbin: Do not kill system and user app processes enabled by default
  • sbin: added some default processes
  • init.rc: set SELinux Permissive by default on boot
  • init.rc: add support for timer slack values and defaults
  • Synapse: CPU MULTICORE: remove Hotplug mode control (Hotplug screen on & off mode is default permanent). Screen off mode is just too buggy, there is a work-around which I'll add to Post #3 PERFORMANCE section
  • Synapse: CPU GOV: FIX seekbar (replace it) not setting sampling rate when changing to conservative gov
  • Synapse: ADVANCED: add Dynamic timer slack controls & default values for battery savings ( thanks to Christopher83 )
  • Synapse: SECURITY: add SELinux Status control (toggle between Enforcing & Permissive)
  • Synapse: FS: add SPI CRC Settings control (already disabled by default in source)
  • Synapse: LOGS: add printk (kernel dmesg) control
  • Synapse: tidy up & a few other minor things

kernel :
  • Revert "SELinux: set permissive in source instead of ramdisk
  • SELinux: permit Enforcing > Permissive changes in ROM
  • drivers/mmc: spi CRC configurable
  • cpufreq: interactive: don't schedule timer on offline cpu
  • cpufreq: interactive: delete timers for GOV_START
  • cpufreq: conservative: adjust freq dn threshold so hotplug cores lower to A7 values at low load
  • mm: remove compressed copy from zram in-memory
  • Samsung DYNAMIC Hotplug control: sync with oloendithas
  • Makefile: fix DYNAMIC Hotplug control compile warnings
  • tick: Upstream fixes
  • kthread_work: wake up worker only when the worker is idle
  • config: enable DEBUG_HOTPLUG
  • cgroups: Introduce timer slack controller
  • kernel: cgroup_timer_slack: Adaptations for 3.4 kernel
  • config: enable CGROUP_TIMER_SLACK
  • kernel: cgroup_timer_slack: Dynamic management of timer slack
  • kernel: cgroup_timer_slack: Dynamic management of timer slack - adapt for PowerSuspend driver
  • sched: Set MC (multi-core) sched domain's busy_factor attribute to 1
  • Makefile: Turn off -Wmaybe-uninitialized when building with -Os
  • CPU hotplug, writeback: Don't call writeback_set_ratelimit() too often during hotplug
  • printk: Add sys kernel interface to configure linux printk logging
  • printk: make sysfs kernel interface compatible with Synapse app
  • scripts: gcc-wrapper: Use wrapper to check compiler warnings
  • Makefile: implement CCACHE properly
  • Makefile: Fix gcc-4.9.0 miscompilation of load_balance() in scheduler
  • Makefile: optimize flags
  • Samsung DYNAMIC Hotplug control: screen on & off mode set default
  • WLAN subsystem: Sysctl support for key TCP/IP parameters

v2.8 [28-February-2015]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set Wolfson speaker equalizer switch off by default
  • synapse: add CPU MULTICORE tab: add Holtplug controls for screen off & on/off modes
  • synapse: CPU FREQ: move CPU multi-core power saving & Power Efficient WQ controls to CPU MULTICORE
  • synapse: MEMORY: remove KSM & add UKSM controls
  • synapse: SYSCTL KERNEL: fix apply/discard bug

kernel :
  • Samsung DYNAMIC Hotplug control
  • Hotplug: set to Screen OFF mode by default
  • scheduler: update BFQ-v7r4 to BFQ-v7r7 for 3.4.0
  • UKSM v1.2.2
  • UKSM: fix compile warnings
  • config: enable UKSM
  • Hotplug: prevent changes to user set scaling_min_freq_gpu

v2.7 [02-February-2015]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set optimistic DAD enabled
  • synapse: SYSCTL: add separate FS-KERNEL-NET-VM (if you don't understand what each does, don't touch)
  • synapse: ADVANCED: add Arch Power control (enabled)
  • synapse: NETWORK: add IVP6 Optimistic Detection (enabled)

kernel :
  • net: wireless: bcmdhd4358: reduce kernel logging
  • page_alloc: Make watermarks tunable separately
  • powersuspend: various patches/fixes
  • usb: gadget: check for accessory device before disconnecting HIDs
  • ipv6: clean up anycast when an interface is destroyed
  • xt_qtaguid: Use sk_callback_lock read locks before reading sk->sk_socket
  • ARM: compile KERNEL_MODE_NEON with -mfpu=neon-vfpv4
  • Makefile: various (experimental) kernel build optimizations
  • sched: Add controls for sched features
  • ARM: compile vfp with softfp

v2.6.0 [30-Jan-2015]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: NETWORK: FIX apply/discard bug for TCP speed/security & 3G DNS tweaks
  • synapse: NETWORK: add Screen mirror/allshare cast fix control
  • Synapse: NETWORK: add Clean WIFI Lease
  • synapse: NETWORK: set TCP/IP Network Speed tweak "Enabled" by default
  • Synapse: ADVANCED: add LMK profiles
  • Synapse: MEMORY: add KSM stats
  • Synapse: MEMORY: add Drop caches (default enabled)
  • Synapse: BATTERY: add battery scaling re-calibration instructions

kernel :
  • arch: arm: lib: optimize memcpy for cortex-A15
  • Revert "BCMDHD4354: WIFI: POWERSUSPEND support (not using with panel on/off powersuspend hooks)

v2.5.0 [23-Jan-2015]

ramdisk :
  • T700XXU1ANL2 & T705XXU1AOA1 ramdisk
  • synapse: GPU QoS: add GPU QoS controls for: MIF, INT, CPU
  • synapse: AUDIO: add controls for speaker amplification & equalizer
  • ramdisk: /sbin/ add Wolfson sound defaults (parametric equalizer presets & tuning by heyjoe66)

kernel :
  • sched: Implement smarter wake-affine logic
  • cpufreq: interactive: decrease timer_slack to 70ms
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: add display panel hooks for powersuspend
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: add missing version numbers
  • wolfson sound control: Fixed stereo EQ and DRC for headphones and speakers
  • byteorder: allow arch to opt to use GCC intrinsics for byteswapping
  • CPU unaligned access path
  • Makefile: enable unaligned access
  • fs/dcache.c: Fix the too small buffer for dname
  • GPU: add interface to modify GPU governor scaling table for MIF/INT/CPU QoS freq
  • Makefile: fix compile error
  • devfreq: INT: unlock 83 MHz min freq
  • devfreq: MIF: unlock 133 MHz min freq

v2.4.0 [17-Jan-2015]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: GPU: FIX GPU governor not setting on reboot
  • synapse: MEMORY: update Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback description

kernel :
  • cpufreq: interactive: use new CPUFREQ_RELATION_C
  • fs: vfat: reduce the worst case latencies
  • config: enable XPAD support (Microsoft X-BOX gamepad)
  • mm: pass readahead info down to the i/o scheduler

v2.3.0 [12-Jan-2015]

ramdisk :
  • /sbin/ add NTFS r/o mounting (/mnt/ntfs/). For r/w, use paragon app.

kernel :
  • block: sysfs: allow non superusers to change I/O scheduler
  • Fix dynamic read-ahead
  • binfmt_elf.c: use get_random_int() to fix entropy depleting (max = 4096)
  • android: lowmemorykiller: add lmk parameters tunning code
  • lowmemorykiller: Account for highmem during kswapd reclaim
  • cpufreq: interactive: don't skip waking up speedchange_task if target_freq > policy->cur
  • omdemand: lower down_step_level to 100 (aka 200) MHz
  • cpufreq: Introduce new relation for freq selection
  • Squash 'enhance power efficiency' patches
  • vfs: fix bad hashing of dentries
  • selinux: whitelist f2fs
  • SELinux: Fix memory leak upon loading policy
  • selinux: just shut up
  • selinux: fix inode security list corruption
  • fs: Add a missing permission check to do_umount
  • kernel: add support for gcc 5
  • crypto: create generic version of ablk_helper
  • ARM: pull in <asm/simd.h> from asm-generic
  • crypto: sha1: add ARM NEON implementation
  • config: CRYPTO_SHA1_ARM_NEON
  • crypto: ablk_helper - Replace memcpy with struct assignment
  • crypto: add crypto_[un]register_shashes for [un]registering multiple shash entries at once
  • crypto: sha256 - Expose SHA256 generic routine to be callable externally
  • crypto: sha512 - Expose generic sha512 routine to be callable from other modules
  • ARM: 8120/1: crypto: sha512: add ARM NEON implementation
  • config: enable CRYPTO_SHA512 & CRYPTO_SHA512_ARM_NEON
  • ARM: 7723/1: crypto: sha1-armv4-large.S: fix SP handling
  • board-lt03-battery: Longer battery polling interval

v2.2.0 [24-Dec-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set GPU governor course_demand (set as default)
  • Synapse: GPU: add Midgard GPU power policy control
  • Synapse: GPU: add Midgard GPU power policy threshold control (set default profile "Battery")
  • Synapse: NETWORK: add 3G DNS speed & security tweak
  • Synapse: Some more clean up

kernel :
  • usb: gadget: mass_storage: added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs
  • Mali: proper GOV table on init; code cleanup

v2.1.0 [21-Dec-2014]

ramdisk :
  • FIXED CIFS: init.rc: Create mountpoint so Dalvik can mark as slave in zygotes to allow CIFS mounting and other app databases (forgot to include when updated ramdisk)
  • FIXED slow Synapse load on boot: KNOX: please set to "NO_ACTION" after set Disabled or Enabled. Knox will still be enabled or disabled.
  • Synapse: Lots of clean up of code and remnants of old files
  • Synapse: Tidy up of layout, added/remove/move tabs and features about
  • Synapse: CPU: added big.LITTLE CPU freq time in state
  • Synapse: GPU: added GPU freq time in state
  • Synapse: IO: added IO scheduler tunables
  • Synapse: BATTERY: added more info
  • Synapse: REBOOT: added Restart Synapse button
  • Synapse: INFO: added asv_group
  • Synapse: NETWORK: add TCP security
  • Synapse: NETWORK: add TCP speed

v2.0.0 [27-Nov-2014]

updater-script :
  • Removed ROM KNOX removal code (Synapse freeze/disable in Synapse control added)

ramdisk :
  • ramdisks from T700XXU1ANJ4 & T705XXU1ANJ3
  • init.rc/default.prop: removed SELinux permissive hack, now set in source
  • Synapse: Security: add KNOX enable/disable (freeze) control
  • Synapse: CPU: Power-efficient Workqueues control (default enabled)
  • Synapse: USB: remove storage options (temporary until fixed)
  • Synapse: Network: remove GPS tweak options - slowing down boot (temporary until fixed)
  • Synapse: various small tidy up and additions

kernel :
  • source update: T705WVLU1ANJ5
  • SELinux: set permissive in source instead of ramdisk

v1.9.1 [07-Oct-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: FS: bug fix - Optimise Databases error if no sdcard/SkyHigh/Log folder not present

v1.9 [06-Oct-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: remove Gentle Fair Sleepers boot default - now disabled by default in source
  • synapse: Backup Restore: fixed bug not backing up & restore current kernel
  • synapse: FS: add push button to Optimise Databases (SQLite3)

kernel :
  • xz: tweaking kernel compression
  • af_unix: speedup /proc/net/unix
  • sched: disable GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS by default
  • mm: don't wait for congestion when mem is high
  • block: disable add_random for more performance on SSD's
  • fs/dyn_sync_cntrl: on by default if enabled in defconfig
  • mmc: disable CRC check for better performance
  • mm: optimize Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM)
  • Input: send events one packet at a time
  • lib/int_sqrt.c: optimize square root algorithm
  • readahead: make context readahead more conservative
  • gpu: ion: system_heap: add support for 2MB allocations
  • CHROMIUM: clocksource: allow clocksources to be selected earlier during boot

v1.8 [30-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: Create mountpoint so Dalvik can mark as slave in zygotes to allow CIFS mounting and other app databases.
  • synapse: USB: add MTP mount option (if is doesn't mount storage properly on PC, just toggle between Default > MTP )
  • synapse: INT/MIF voltage control

kernel :
  • EXYNOS5420 MIF: unlock MIF 933 MHz & set for CPU 2.0+ GHz freq
  • opp: De-obscurify OPP structs and disclose find_device_opp
  • devfreq: add Exynos 5420 MIF voltage control
  • devfreq: add Exynos 5420 INT voltage control
  • MIF / INT fix
  • MIF / INT: allow 6250 mV increments
  • EXYNOS5420 MIF: set 800 MHz for CPU 2.0 GHz freq
  • workqueue: fix permission for power_efficient

v1.7 [21-Sept-2014]

kernel :
  • arch/arm/Makefile: adaptation to full neon-vfpv4 support
  • sched: GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS fix unused cpu var
  • drivers/staging: configurable android log buffer sizes
  • config: set LOGCAT_SIZE=256
  • ext4: Speedup WB_SYNC_ALL pass called from sync(2)
  • bfq-iosched: tuning for SSD
  • ksm: check and skip page, if it is already scanned
  • config: enable KSM_CHECK_PAGE
  • config: enable Conservative & disable Userspace governor

v1.6 [17-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set defaults: removed KSM deferred_timer as now set enabled in source
  • synapse: Network: tcp_default_init_rwnd (not sure how to tune the value yet)
  • synapse: Reboot: added Power Off option

kernel :
  • cifs: enable mounting cifs drives visible to all apps
  • block: Reserve only one queue tag for sync IO if only 3 tags are available
  • setlocalversion: do not append -dirty when there are un-committed changes
  • kswapd: reduce time spent in congestion_wait
  • workqueue: add system wide power_efficient workqueues (battery)
  • config: enable WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT (battery)
  • CPUFREQ: ondemand: use power efficient wq (battery)
  • mutex: Make more scalable by doing less atomic operations
  • mutex: Queue mutex spinners with MCS lock to reduce cacheline contention
  • writeback: fix writeback cache thrashing
  • sched: Make scheduler aware of cpu frequency state
  • bcmdhd4354: filter multicast packages while suspended (battery)
  • tcp: add a sysctl to config the tcp_default_init_rwnd
  • net: tcp: optimization with rcv_wnd
  • vfp/Makefile: compile with -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 & hard float
  • slub: optimized SLUB memory allocator
  • net: loopback: set default mtu to 64K
  • ksm: enable deferred_timer by default to prevent the CPU to be wakened for ksm activities
  • ext4: add support for FIDTRIM, a best-effort ioctl for deep discard trim (no idea if it's working)
  • Report permissive mode in avc: denied messages
  • config: disable mutex debugging

v1.5 [10-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set defaults: Dynamic FSync enabled

kernel :
  • ARM: implement KERNEL_MODE_NEON
  • config: enable KERNEL_MODE_NEON
  • Makefile: added ccache for speed up kernel compile
  • sync: don't block the flusher thread waiting on IO
  • staging: android: lowmemorykiller: select a new task to kill
  • SELinux: Reduce overhead of mls_level_isvalid() function call
  • SELinux: Fix kernel BUG on empty security contexts
  • fix compile warning for Async Fsync
  • arm/crypto: add optimized AES and SHA1 routines
  • config: enable CRYPTO_SHA1_ARM & CRYPTO_AES_ARM
  • softirq: reduce latencies
  • ext4: speed up truncate/unlink by not using bforget() unless needed
  • mm: Clear page active before releasing pages

v1.4 [07-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: Memory: VNSWAP control (1>1024 MB - Unable to disable (reset) / set size to 0 yet)
  • synapse: Memory: ZSwap memory pool control
  • synapse: Memory: Deferred Timer control
  • synapse: minor typo, cleanup & corrections to general layout and descriptions

kernel :
  • ksm: Provide support to use deferred timers for scanner thread
  • sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+122) avoids loadavg Moire
  • staging: android: lowmemorykiller: implement task's adj rbtree
  • config: enable ANDROID_LMK_ADJ_RBTREE
  • cpufreq: tidy up
  • block: add SIO I/O scheduler
  • block: add ZEN I/O scheduler
  • config: enable SIO & ZEN I/O schedulers

v1.3 [03-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: Reboot: added Reboot to Download Mode
  • synapse: USB: USB Mouse / Keyboard control
  • ramdisk: file_contexts: add busybox to file_contexts to allow via SELinux

kernel :
  • cpufreq: Fake the IKS specific frequency table to stock values (fixes: corrects to stock CPU touch boost frequencies & CPU freq in Power Saving Mode)
  • lib: memcopy & string use glibc version
  • scheduler: update BFQ-v7r4 to BFQ-v7r5 for 3.4.0
  • drivers: usb: Use Android device as USB keyboard/mouse
  • USB KEYBOARD/MOUSE: added on/off trigger to driver

v1.2 [01-Sept-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: Network: WiFi Power Mode controls

kernel :
  • BCMDHD4354: WIFI PM support for KitKat driver
  • sched: cpu_power: enable ARCH_POWER

v1.1 [31-August-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: added some more boot defaults
  • synapse: new PowerSuspend controls: (enabled Hybrid as default)

kernel :
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: cumulative update to version 1.5
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: LCD screen on/off hooks

v1.0 [27-August-2014]

ramdisk :
  • default.prop: Possible Screen Mirroring / AllShare Cast fix (please give FULL report !!)
  • init.rc: added some more boot defaults
  • synapse: added to descriptions & general clean up
  • synapse: PowerSuspend: (enabled by default)
    added dynamic Fsync control (disabled by default)
    moved Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback controls
    added Adaptive VFS Cache Pressure on Suspend / Resume
  • synapse: Battery: added Battery Scaling Calibration (fuel-gauge chip reset)
  • synapse: Reboot: added Clear Synapse Data button

kernel :
  • fs/dyn_sync_cntrl: dynamic Fsync control v1.5
  • fs/dcache.c: adaptive vfs_cache_pressure on suspend / resume
  • fs/aio.c: Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased
  • enabled AIO
  • kernel: sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire
  • config: set default TCP Westwood+ -- remembered at last :)
  • Dynamic read-ahead (1024 kB for 16 GB partition)
  • block: add FIOPS I/O scheduler
  • block: deadline: tweaks
    Optimize for non-rotational
    allow 0ms deadline latency, increase the read speed

v0.9 [22-August-2014]

updater-script :
  • Knox removal

ramdisk :
  • T700: new T700KXU1ANG1 ramdisk (thanks @stitoo )
  • init.rc: added some more boot defaults
  • synapse: Audio: removed Main Speaker amplification & equalizer (only top speaker was boosted)
  • synapse: Drivers: added PowerSuspend control
  • synapse: Memory: added Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback controls
  • synapse: Advanced: added LMK Whitelist control for Do-Not-Kill Processes
  • synapse: various small cleanups
  • init.universal5420.rc: mount F2FS

kernel :
  • Completely rebuilt on newer T700OPU1ANG2 source
  • removed GPU 733 MHz freq step. Max now at 667 MHz (optional)
  • kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o earlysuspend v1.2
  • staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Management of not killable processes (read Post #3 )
  • mm: Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
  • config: enable LAST_KMSG
  • Asynchronous Fsync: initial extraction of Async Fsync from HTC
  • FS: import F2FS

v0.7 [16-August-2014]

ramdisk :
  • T700: new ramdisk from T700XXU1ANF9 (thanks @mitchellvii )
  • T705: new ramdisk from T705XXU1ANG2 (thanks @edan1979 )
  • synapse: Reboot: added reboot & recovery options
  • synapse: removed Audio checkboxes to enable speaker & headphone equalizer settings (enabled by default)

kernel :
  • Completely rebuilt on newer T700XXU1ANF7 source
  • added GPU 733 MHz freq step (optional) will decrease benchmark due to thermal throttle, but what the heck !
  • MALI_DVFS-START FEQ set to 100 MHz (will allow launcher to idel lower & use loads more of user set min GPU freq )
  • Kernel compression mode changed to XZ (smaller zImage & stops kernel flash damaging the Recovery partition )
  • removed useless CPU Performance governor

v0.6 [12-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • synapse: Network: TCP/IP network security
  • synapse: Network: TCP/IP network speed
  • synapse: Network: GPS region
  • synapse: USB: UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode

v0.5 [11-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: adjustments to various layout options and info
  • synapse: audio controls (some omitted for now)

kernel :
  • WolfsonMicro WM5102 sound control by AndreiLux

v0.4 [10-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: adjustments to various layout options and info
  • synapse: CPU: multi-core power saving control (sched_mc_power_savings)
  • synapse: Advanced: randomize_va_space control
  • /sbin/ enable frandom & fix init.d

kernel :
  • add frandom
  • fs: mount partitions NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default
  • BFQ-v7r4 IO scheduler & set as default)
  • config: enable sched_mc_power_savings for sysfs

v0.3 [09-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: add various layout options and info
  • synapse: CPU general IO tuneable
  • synapse: Virtual memory tuneable
  • synapse: Gentle fair sleepers control (disabled to improve UI performance)
  • synapse: TCP congestion control
  • synapse: Android logger control (disabled)
  • synapse: logs - last_kmsg

kernel :
  • logger: modify for Synapse app checkbox compatibility
  • add sysfs interface for GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS

v0.2 [07-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • init.rc: set some Synapse boot defaults
  • synapse: add GPU, battery & thermal controls

kernel :
  • cpufreq: allow A15's to 2.1 GHz and A7's to 200 MHz
  • config: enable TCP congestion control & all available algorithms
  • logger: add sysfs interface to enable / disable Android Logger
  • battery: add MAX77803/UNIVERSAL5420 charger control
  • battery: add unstable power detection switch to charger controls
  • battery: properly populate current now, avg, and max output properties
  • battery: expose all MHL currents in charger controls
  • Mali GPU: OC to 677 & UC to 100 MHz
  • Mali GPU: clock & governor control
  • Mali GPU: voltage control
  • mach-exynos: lower regulator buck min voltages
  • exynos_tmu: add configurable interface

Initial Release v0.1 [06-July-2014]

ramdisk :
  • default.prop/init.rc: adb insecure, wifi fix & SELinux permissive
  • add synapse support (initial files ported from halask88 & moddified to suit)

kernel :
  • config: enable /proc/.config.gz support
  • config: enable KSM support
  • config: enable performance CPU governor
  • config: enable USB OTG support
  • config: enable NTFS RW support
  • config: enable CIFS support
  • config: disable DEBUG_INFO
  • add sysfs helpers
  • cpufreq: add Exynos 5420 voltage control


  1. Watch >> THIS <<
  2. Uninstall any CPU control apps, tweaks and scripts etc.
  3. Recommend: Install Wanam DVFS disabler for greater kernel control
  4. Recommend: Backup your current kernel with TWRP Recovery
  5. Recommend: Install Synapse app from Google Play and rate it ☆☆☆☆☆ !!
  6. If Synapse app is installed and using with any current kernel: device settings > applications > synapse > FORCE STOP & CLEAR DATA
  7. Flash SKyHigh kernel with CWM or TWRP Recovery
  8. After boot (wait at least 60-120 secs)
  9. Open Synapse
  10. Tap "Understood"
  11. Make any change, and tap the "" to apply new defaults
  12. After setting and applying any GPU freq changes, don't forget to tap [Apply GPU Governor Settings] in Synapse GPU section
  13. Any issues, please check Posts #1-3 and search the thread BEFORE posting



>> WIFI SkyHigh T700 WIFI kernel <<

STOCK T700 WIFI T700XXU1ANJ4 kernel (Flashing Stock will wipe your WiFi settings !)



>> LTE SkyHigh T705 LTE kernel <<

STOCK T705 LTE T705XXU1ANJ3 kernel (Flashing Stock will wipe your WiFi settings !)


>> github <<

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