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I have an XT1053 running Android 4.4.3 (KXA21.12-L1.21) on T-Mobile.

I noticed a strange problem recently. Whenever I am using the phone (i.e. the screen is on), and I receive a call, the phone rings/vibrates as usual but the incoming call dialog does not pop up on top of whatever I am doing. The phone icon appears in the status bar as well, but all the on-screen navigation buttons disappear and the status bar becomes disabled. This means I can't answer the call, therefore I miss any call that comes in when the screen is already on. This also means that the phone is basically unusable while it rings. Incoming calls work normally when the screen is off or on the lockscreen.

I do run with Xposed and GravityBox, but I entirely disabled Xposed and the problem persisted, so I am wondering if this is an issue that came along with the 4.4.3 update. I can't remember being able to answer a call with the screen already being on on 4.4.2, but I also don't remember NOT being able to.

Does anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it?
Follow the instructions in the "Return to Stock" thread to flash the entire 4.4.3 TMO SBF file. Something appears to have gotten corrupted - it has nothing to do with 4.4.3 for sure, and it definitely isn't normal.

After flashing the entire SBF (all the links you need are in the Return to Stock thread), you will need to re-flash TWRP to gain root access again, and re-install all your apps.

Good Luck

EDIT: Before you SBF back to stock 4.4.3, I have a suggestion:

Did you reboot after disabling Xposed? If you are using GravityBox, there is an option under "phone tweaks" called "non-intrusive incoming call" - this keeps incoming calls in the background when you are using the phone. Is this box checked??

If it is, and you did not reboot after disabling Xposed, this option could still be enabled...
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