Default [Q] I need a current CWM Recovery for Loki flash

I am attempting to put cyanogenmod on my 4.4.2 s4. I have (to my knowledge) rooted my phone. When I use loki to flash the recovery from CWM I get the error "aboot version does not match the device" I am assuming that this is due to an outdated CWM Recovery file. My problem is that I can only find an updated file as ".img" and I need it to be ".lok". Rewriting it as .lok is apparently beyond me, and the
link to from cyanogenmod guide is dead. It looks like that is a program that would format the ".img" file as a ".lok"

Has anyone gotten past this point with their s4? Or does anyone happen to have that zip file I need?

also, it sucks that I couldn't post all of my links >