Default [Guide] scheduling extreme power saving mode using LLAMA!

This guide is for those who want to use this mode other than the battery reaching 20%
or want to automate this mode when screen is off as in this simple example where after 40 mins the mode will be activated

There are screenshots in post #2 step by step

First u need sense 6 rom and of cos u need to be rooted

U need "Llama" and "Secure settings" both being free apps from playstore
i am using Llama as its easier to use


1) Just open llama , new event

2) add condition as screen off ( with delayed event 40 mins) , choose action , local plugin, secure settings , options , launch activity , power , choose app first, then choose from dropdown list [Power].extremepowersaver.Extremepowersaveractivityconfir m ( if u can see the words being too long just tilt and use landscape mode)

Save yr llama event. thats it.