Unhappy NOTE 3 N9005 Hard Bricked :(

I'm facing a problem my note 3 N9005 is hard bricked , my phone bootloops when i flashed a rom so i flashed a stock rom, then suddenly my PHONE CAMERA FAILED to open, NO SOUND AT ALL in the phone NOT EVEN THE RINGTONES SOUND (hangs when pressing volume key rocker), PHONE DIALER DOESNT OPEN black screen appears when i try to open it and i have laggy phone and it hangs alot, HOPE GOOD DEVELOPERS WILL HELP

Things I have Tried : Flashed Stock Roms, didnt work
Flashed Stock Rom and rooted, didnt work .
Flashed Stock Rom Rooted and installed cwm recovery philz edition, didnt work.
Flashed Stock Rom with a PIT FILE , that too didnt work...

KNOWN DEVELOPERS HELP PLZ...Thanks in advance.