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Hey, looking to get some help from the community. I had just purchased my new M8 and after a day of use, it has inadvertently gotten stuck in a bootloader loop.

I haven't unlocked, modified or rooted this phone in any way. it is, quite literally, 2 days old.
I could go to the store to have it replaced but given the original store distance I'd like to see if there something I can do first before I do that.

I have seen ways to fix up this, but most involve people who have tried (and failed) to unlock the bootloader, flash a rom, etc.
Attempting to use some of the menu options ends up with nothing, eg selecting Recovery will flash the three Android skateboarders for a second along with a short vibration. Then back to the bootloader.
I've removed my SIM card and tried, and the SD card and tried with no luck.

tl;dr I can turn it off and on, but always end up at the bootloader with no options.

Any help to restore this to stock would be greatly appreciated!
Is your power button stuck?
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