Default [Q] Nexus 5 Carbon rom help

Hello, I have used carbon rom for several months now. and i am very happy with it. but now i have a problem, my nexus 5 doesnt seem to work anymore, all i see when i press some buttons is a screen filled with random pixels and sometimes random flashes of diffrent colors. ( i provide some images attached ), I didnt change anything so how did this happen ?

I somehow managed to get into fastboot mode and restored a backup. so i thought it was all fixed and then i flashed the last carbon rom again, seems to be working. but 5 minutes later the same random pixels appear and flashes of colors.

Can anyone help me, I cant use my phone anymore...
Anyone with same issue ?

So... 4 days later i got into fastboot again and did a full wipe and flashed CM11, it worked ! i was so happy my phone worked again, i got it setup to my launcher, .... but 3 days later it just freakin dissapeard again.... , please reply someone

Some info :

Nexus 5
Carbon rom / stock / CM11