Default [Q] Good for Enterprise crashes when Xposed is enabled

Hi folks...

I am using a T-Mo Galaxy Note 3 with 4.3 (jellybean) and the latest Xposed Framework 2.7.1 (for reference, I did also try 2.4 through 2.5.1, with the same results).

I have installed the "Good for Enterprise" application to access my organization's email system. Our policy does NOT restrict use of root, so my issue is NOT with the fact that I am rooted.

However, whenever I enable the framework, even with NO modules enabled, launching Good crashes the app right after I enter my password into it. This is 100% repeatable. If I disable Xposed and reboot, Good works perfectly. This is also 100% repeatable.

I have looked through the logcat output and don't know what to look for, as I see a good amount of recurring debug messages. Any suggestions for how to proceed? Also, is it possible to blacklist an application so Xposed does not try to hook only that app?

Any suggestions are appreciated, and please remember that my organization does NOT restrict root via Good policy, so I don't have to worry about RootCloak, etc.

Thanks folks!

- SG
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