Default Cricket S4 MMS help

Just about a week ago, a friend asked me to get cyanogenmod going on his Cricket Galaxy S4. I loaded the latest SNAPSHOT at the time (M7), and everything seemed to work okay as he had service, data, text, calls, whatnot. Only thing that isn't working right now is MMS. An update to a more recent nightly didn't help, an update to the latest SNAPSHOT didn't help. We've tried editing the APN, adding a fresh new APN for Cricket, but nothing seems to work. When attempting to send a picture message, the SMS application just shows "Sending" but never sends anything. Switching to Hangouts doesn't do any good either. I'm trying to fix this problem before deciding the phone goes back to stock touchwiz. Does anybody here have any idea what's going on here and how to fix it, if there is a fix at all? Again, it's a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Cricket Wireless.
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