Angry [SMALL APPS] Phone | Launcher | Torch | Stopwatch | Rotation [9/9/2014]

For Sony Small Apps
ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat

Thanks to XDA for featuring it on portal.

Hello friends,
I am presenting you my initial apps for Android devices. I have decided to make an small app as I have ported the Xperia T/Z small apps for Xperia 2011 MDPI devices and it was my dream to make an app for this. So lets check them out.

All apps support Xperia™ themes, UI elements colour will change according to theme accent
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* Three separate tabs:- Contacts, Phone and Call log
* Phone dialer with redial, speed dial and cursor functionality
* Integrated speed dial within the whole app
* Long press on dialer numbers to speed dial the saved number
* You can easily add or remove numbers to or from speed dial
* Contacts and call log with detailed list like your default phonebook
* Tap on them to call quickly
* Long press to view more options according to the type of item
* View contact and edit contact in phonebook
* Delete contacts and call log entries directly from the app
* Inbuilt help to sort out general issues
* Resizable and various customization settings to match your need
* Easy to use, small and powerful app

In Paid Version:-
* Add new contact and clear call log
* Edit number before call within the app
* Send text message redirects quickly to the messaging app
* Copy number to clipboard to paste it anywhere[/B][/COLOR]


* Displays list of all installed applications (Only Launchable) with icons in a list view
* View all other apps from Other apps option menu
* It also shows package name with search functionality
* Tap on app name to launch it
* Long press for more options (Application info, View in Play Store, Uninstall, Share)
* Two Click Actions:- Launch and minimize or Launch and close
* Re-sizable and unlimited maximum window size
* Easy to use, small and powerful app

In Paid Version:-
* Two separate tabs:- All apps and Favourite apps
* Favourite apps displays your stared apps with icons in a grid view
* Edit you favourite apps anytime from Launcher Small App
* You can view or hide app name in Favourite apps
* You can select Start Up Screen:- All apps or Favourite apps


* Basic Start/Stop or Pause/Resume and Reset functions
* Cool UI (Two views: Circle and Normal) and latest features from Android 4.4
* New time and circle lap view
* Advance split lap time (5 laps)
* Saves your last run if app is closed in stop state
* Updates time on start up if app was closed previously in running state
* Layout animations
* Unlimited maximum window size
* Translations:- Hindi, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Greek, Portuguese

In Paid Version:-
* More laps (up to 99)
* Share your time via Bluetooth, message, etc.


* Use flashlight as torch
* Compact design which takes very less space
* Battery indicator with low battery warnings
* Auto on to light up on start up
* Strobe feature
* Auto turn off when battery is low
* Re-size to make it even more smaller
* Translations:- Hindi, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Greek, Portuguese

In Paid Version:-
* Auto off to save battery
* SOS (Morse Code decoder) with custom codes support
* You can also adjust Strobe delay and Auto off interval[/B]


* Just tap on icon to switch from Auto-rotate screen (Portrait/Landscape) to Portrait or vice versa.
* Displays toast messages when setting is changed
* Easy to use small app
* Compatible with my Rotation app
Usage:- If Service is running then, it will toggle selected Toggle modes. Otherwise, it will toggle system settings










Available on Google Play Store


- If there is any bug or mistake in translations then, please post them here or report me via e-mail.
- Please support these apps so that I will make them better and better.

Support Development

Please support so that I can develop more free apps in future. You can support in following ways:-

* Download apps from Play Store and Rate so that more people can reach it.
* Buy paid versions from Play Store if you have enough to appreciate my work (I have kept them as cheap as possible so that most of the people can get them). It will also give you some extra features.

A new Small App is also in development. I will post a beta version soon...

If you liked my work, just click on Thanks button.
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