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Hey Guys,
I flashed Samykat rom then my device became custom and i didn't truly like the ROM
So, i decided to revert back to stock firmware and in download mode iam custom
when i go settings --> about --> status --> Device Status : Custom and Phone Number unknown both SIM1 &SIM2 what can i do to make my phone official again and make my warranty back
Tried Triangleaway
Guys your help is highly appreciated
@thecoreguy @Omkar$

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*Sony Xperia J (ST26i) Unlocked Bootloader & with Doomsday ROM with vengeance kernel OVERCLOCK TO 1.3GHz
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Doomsday ROM for Xperia J
Illusion ROM for Xperia J
Aqua ROM For Xperia J
How to create your own stock based XPERIA ROM
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